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Substitute care is more than just fostering youth!

Substitute Care Awareness, Information, and Education

Did you know the term “foster care” speaks to only one type of care that takes place within the child welfare system? There is also kinship care, group homes, and therapeutic placements just to name a few. Knowing this, we encourage people to use the term “substitute care” when appropriate. The term substitute care acknowledges the range of care situations in which our youth live. One of the first steps to authentic youth engagement is to acknowledge that each of them has a unique experience. No two stories are the same!


How long has SaySo NC been around?

Founded in 1998 by a stakeholder group of older youth in care, adult caregivers, and adult professionals, SaySo has been recognized with respect in North Carolina and nationally as a youth-driven advocacy organization. Our founding members felt youth needed to be more involved in advocating and policy development for young people in substitute care.

Awareness of Community Needs and Youth Support

 We understand that strong relationships and support systems are an essential part of your transition into adulthood. We help you build a foundation for these support systems by providing opportunities for you to speak with community partners, future social workers, and other adults in the field. We believe that in order for youth to navigate the community around them, there must be an awareness and understanding of their experiences.


Providing support and making sure youth feel seen and heard.


What does SaySo NC aim to accomplish for youth in the state?

SaySo is one of several programs within CHS that works to prevent youth in care from becoming a just another statistic. SaySo helps to prepare them for independence and a brighter future.


Creating real and lasting legislative change takes all of us.

Creating Change with Advocacy and Legislation Education

Although there are a lot of well-meaning people who want to help youth, it is sometimes difficult for them to make decisions that are truly helpful. Especially when they have not heard from someone experiencing the situation they are hoping to change. In other words, it is hard for people to make accurate decisions for youth in substitute care if they have not heard the voices of youth in care. 

SaySo gives you an opportunity to speak for yourself! 

In the past, our youth have attended legislative sessions, acted as government pages, and spoken with Guardian Ad-litems. We also have youth who participate in various state-level workgroups to push for change within the child welfare system.

If speaking in front of people makes you nervous, we are here to support you! Before you go to any speaking engagement, we help you figure out what the event is about, what you want to say, and how you can say it in a way to help people understand. After each speaking engagement, we will take the time with you to discuss how you felt about the experience.

We are here to support you from beginning to end!


Who are the youth that SaySo serves in North Carolina?

Comprised of youth ages 14 to 26 who are or have been in the substitute care system, SaySo empowers youth to find their voices, discover their resiliencies, and advocate for the rights of youth in out-of-home care.

SaySo currently serves over 750 youth statewide.

Your support is vital to the ongoing success of SaySo!


What types of services do you offer to the youth of North Carolina?

SaySo helps youth learn life skills, as well as build strong positive relationships with their peers, and connections with supportive adults, all critical steps towards self-sufficiency and success.



How Can I Find Out About Getting Involved, Supporting And Helping SaySo NC?

Find out more about the mission, vision, and values of the SaySo organization.

Register to volunteer and be a part of SaySo-related events and awareness initiatives.

Donate and watch your support do good for in-care youth in North Carolina. Support SaySo and become involved in advocating for foster care-related legislation in NC.

Working together to support youth in care and foster-care alumni.

Sign up. Get informed. Donate. Get Involved!


Spreading the word about the many ways we can support youth in foster care creates lasting change.

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